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    Please help! Can't find ANY info on this OLD Coca Cola Co. bottle!

    I found this old clear blue-ish bottle while digging in Seattle, WA. several years ago. It reads "Coca Cola Co." with "Seattle" underneath it and has the numbers 1820 with a double stamp which looks to be 187 or 182? (it's hard to see but it's under the "20" of 1820) on the bottom. The seam does not extend into the top lip. The bottom feels like it has been applied. The bottle also has air bubbles throughout. I have scoured the internet to no avail. Haven't even seen a picture of another one like it. I would love to hear about any information anyone could give me on it! Thank you so much!
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    Found a "similar" bottle on eBay completed listings not exactly the same, but probably around the same time period. Not claiming to be any kind of expert.

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    good one.

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