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    I had one homeless woman fall into one of my holes once. Granted it was dark out, she was drunk, and I had caved it in so it was shallow. I met her the next day and she was all irate about it but after talking a little she became less upset and even watched me dig for a while. Now there are just some guys living in that camp, what bothers me the most is they have a fire going most of the time which is a real hazard, and they got upset at me for digging in their "path", despite the fact the police had kicked them out of their illegal came a couple times. It really bothers me when they act like they own state property, luckily I never had to call the police though.

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    I came across a homeless camp way way out in the woods on the way to the Hillbilly bottle dump, kind of spooky to see a tent miles from the road/grocery store. in these woods are copperhead snakes, I won't go in there until the winter, I don't see how they live way back there, ticks, snakes, chiggers and swarms of mosquitoes. not for me I would live by the local food store.


    mikeo digs on youtube


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