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    pontil bottle information needed

    Hi to the site and loving it. I have a couple of bottles I am looking for info on. The amber one is 8" in ht and the blue/green one is 10". I was told amber one is a Chestnut flask. Both are very seeded and have applied lips. My questions are..

    • what year were they produced?
    • what exact colors are they? I think the aqua looking one may be a medium blue green (I understand this may tough to tell due to my photography lack of skills)
    • what kind of value do they hold?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks ahead for your feedback

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    Wow-those are beauties-they are both chestnut flasks from my perspective. 1810-1850 timeframe, olive amber and deep blue-green. $400+ on each, maybe more if someone is looking for these large sizes. That's my take on things. Congratulations on some great pieces of history.

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    Thank you nhpharm. really that much value? I feel very guilty with how i obtained them now if that is the case (OK not THAT guilty really) Does anyone else have input on the value? It blows me away that these have survived almost 200 years and now sit on my shelf

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    I have no information for you but those are beautiful! I'd definitely trust nhpharm on the value; he's very knowledgable. Congratulations on some great bottles!

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    thank you ACL. I appreciate your input. question (for anyone) - if i wanted to sell these what is the best resource to do so? I would assume some kind of auction site? Maybe even here buyers make themselves known? This is all new to me. thanks again

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    You may get the best bang for your buck by selling through an auction house like Glassworks Auctions, but of course they will take a commission. ebay works OK as well for these-they seem to bring pretty good money there as well but they need to be accurately described and photographed well. If there is any damage (chips, even very small ones, heavy scratches) this will obviously affect the value as well.

    Alternately you could see about getting an offer from a dealer like Jeff Noordsy, who specializes in this type of bottle. You won't get full retail but you'll get a fair offer. He is on Facebook at

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