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    Washed up on the beach in Bermuda. Tiny bottle monogrammed with CSJ.


    I found this tiny bottle washed up on the beach in Bermuda yesterday. It is stamped with a monogram "CSJ" and there are no other markings on it. Lots of photos attached.

    Someone has suggested it is a "C.S.J Imperial Perfume" bottle however I can't find any references to CSJ Imperial perfume. Is anyone able to give me more info as well as an approximate date? Thanks!
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    It looks like it should date to around the turn of the 20th century, 1890-1910 or so, maybe a bit earlier or later. I'm not sure what the monogram stands for, possibly J______ Soap Co. It does look like it is indeed a perfume bottle, but I don't recognize that specific one.


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