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    Quote Originally Posted by rich View Post
    Never have I thought the bottler would take center stage, I have much to learn about Coca Cola bottles.
    !!!!!Has anyone ever heard of or seen a bottle with a molded a Coca Coca label?
    Yes this was quite common back in the early days of Coca Cola before they standardized the bottles. I'm not sure what you're asking in your question, do you mean an embossed label in the style of the paper labels? Some of the No Deposit No Return bottles used a design somewhat like that.

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    I have three Georgia script straight-side Coke bottles that have a "PROPERTY OF COCA-COCA..." (etc) side mold. Very interesting error!

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    Yes, I agree the error is interesting, back in the day when the drug was used in the recipe might be the reason for the error if the bottle maker was paid in trade. OMG!


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