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    Fairmont Bottling Co. / St. Louis, Missouri

    Fairmont Bottling Co.
    1820 Cooper Street (1929-1938)
    1820 Marconi Street (formerly Cooper St) (1940)
    St. Louis, Missouri

    I found a "Registration of Fictitious Name" document that listed a Vincenzo Triolo and a Sylvester Riggio as 1/2 owners of the Fairmont Bottling Co. in 1929. Even though I found an ad for the sale of the business in 1939, there was a business listing for the operation in 1940. The date on the registration of fictitious name document is not necessarily the onset of the company as I believe Fairmont was in business maybe as early as 1919.
    Probably one of the most ornate bottles in my collection.
    Pic #1 shows an 8 oz and a 24 oz bottle with a peacock on a small water fountain with another bird coming in for a landing. Has the same scene on front and back.
    Pic # 2 & 3 shows the front and back of a 24 oz bottle with much less detail.
    Pic #4 is a pic of a seltzer, not in my collection, which shows the scene in color.
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    Beautiful bottles! That seltzer is incredible.

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    Love those first two!


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