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    Reinhart Beverages Guelph Ontario

    I recently picked up this really beautiful Reinhart Beverages wooden case. The case holds 12 of the 30 oz bottles. I love the crisp stencil but the best is the 5 digit telephone number, 2-3371. Not sure how old the case is but I would guess late 40s into the 50s. I have a number of the single serve Reinhart bottles all made by Dominon Glass. I have included a few with the picture of the case. The green 6 oz ACL bottle has a 0 beside the maker mark so I assume this is 1960. The embosed green says design is registered in 1946 and there is a 4 (1954)next to the Dominion Glass mark. The two clear are different sizes. One is an 11oz with a 1 beside the logo th e second is a 12oz with a 7. Great looking bottles, especially the hueof green in the 7oz embossed. I like the history behind the local bottlers so if anyone has information please share.
    I believe the company was family owned in Guelph and was in business into the 1970s.
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    bottle book lists Reinhart's Guelph as starting in 1909 under name of " Albert j Reinhart " before name switched over to Reinhart's Beverages

    I have one of the green 1946 bottles as well , don't have any really old Guelph bottles , nothing older than the 1930's

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    (The green 6 oz ACL bottle has a 0 beside the maker mark so I assume this is 1960)

    Depends on what is shown on the left side...if its a letter then 1950, if it's box code then 1960....sometimes with box code it can be confused as a 1 or an I if it's the first line of the box.

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