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    That's a good looking bottle! I really like those green art deco sodas, wish they were easier to find.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hallibag View Post
    Here's something discovered just today at a yard sale near Wasaga Beach, Ontario. Note the piece of masking tape on the bottom with "1938" written on it. I presume somebody thought this was the year the bottle was made?

    great find for a yard sale , I'm doubtful about the 1938 date though as penetang bottling co operated for a number of years . its likely they used this bottle from the 1930's-1948 period and after words they switched over to an acl bottle

    think I've only seen this bottle once myself at a now closed antique store in Midland Ontario , he had one on display or in the store at some point . I'm not sure of its value , a clear one would likely be $15-$30 depending on condition , I'm not sure what a green on typically goes for


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