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    flee market finds

    I am new to the hobby. All of my "digging" takes place at flee markets, antique stores and Good Will stores. Here are three I found at a local flee market. Any info would be appreciated Thank you. J&A MOESCHLIN, SUNBURY PA FOR 1/2 BOTTLE POUR TO HERE, CERTO COATESVILLE COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS
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    The Moeschlin is a Beer Bottle that probably dates from approximately 1912-1920 from what I can see. The Certo probably 1930's-50's & almost zero value or very little. The Coke may have some Value to a Coke Collector or local collector from that city but these being flavored Coke bottles they never have the same value or desirability as a real Coke filled with Coke & has the bottle embossed with the Coca Cola logo in Script. Just my opinion. Any other Opinions out there? LEON.

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    I like the color of the Moeschlin bottle. Moeschlin beer bottles are common but yours is a very nice, uncommon color (as far as I know).

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    Thanks for the info. I like the color of the Moeschlin as well. Getting ready to list the coke on E-bay. Just noticed it have a patent date of March 7 1922.

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    I collect a lot of embossed soda bottles like the Coatesville coca cola , have no idea how common it is but its similar to a lot of the bottles I have in my collection but most I've only paid $10-$20 to acquire , a lot of neat embossed soda's don't really go for big money yet

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    Thank you RCO!


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