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    Digging my first Privy in Salt Lake City Utah this weekend + dumpsite

    After searching for some time, I was unable to locate anyone in the Salt lake area that is into bottle digging that was WILLING to help me as a first timer. I did find someone in Ogden Utah that wants to drive to me which is a one hour drive, and he is going to show me the ropes. I got a permission at an 1860s demolished homesite, never successfully found a privy so hopefully he will show me how its done. Afterwards I am going to dig in a 1930s - 1950s dumpsite that produces lots of cobalts and OWL pharmacy bottles, so excited for this weekend! My friend and I found a flying eagle cent, 3 indians, and an 1886 british penny on the lot.

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    Let me know if you find any old Beer Cans in the Dump, I collect those. Good Luck. LEON.

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    Good luck! Sometimes those privies can be elusive for sure.

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    The best of luck to you!! Please post what you find!! Do you have a metal detector?

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    yes, I mostly metal detect, just about 5 months ago I started looking for bottles a bit more often. I will be bringing my AT PRO with me to the site. Last time I found an 1886 british penny.

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    Good luck, and congrats on the recent coin finds. I was digging a hole in the dirt floor of an 1890s building when all of a sudden a dark shape just seemed to materialise in the dirt: an 1869 I.H.P. with full details! You just never know when you'll find a coin.
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    Here is what I found, although many of you would say these bottles are worthless because they are "slicks" It was my first time digging cork tops instead of the 1940s bottles I am used to. I kept all the ones I dug except for a few I gave to my uncle. I also dug large pieces of very rare Salt Lake City hutchinson bottle pieces, I wish it had been whole.

    If anyone knows what the bottle with the brown chunks in it is, I would love to know, it is slightly aqua and has thick glass.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hi. Congratulations! Though the particular bottles you dug may not individually have much value or collectibility, you're in the right age for something very nice to pop up. So keep digging, and good luck!

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    Do you have a metal detector? Might help finding a privy or household garbage dump.

    Seems like the "1930s - 1950s" dump is older than that, given the coins you found.

    It'll be an exciting weekend no matter what! Good Luck!

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    I got a salt lake city Hutch for sale if your Interested. Let me know. LEON.


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