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    Vegetable Bitters Welch & Currier Lawrence MA Paper Label Bottle

    I had bought this bottle in a collection of bottles thinking it could be an early label.

    The label is printed Vegetable but Bitters is handwritten in ink. Prepared by Welch & Currier 62 Common St with more faded ink written under directions and possibly even crossed out Currier. Its faded enough its hard to tell.

    The research into old directories from lawrence led to an interesting discovery as well as a probable date of 1857.
    The welch and currier connection only lasted a few years from 1857-1859
    What was interesting is they are both listed as healing mediums and an 1859 ad for Amasa Welch has him listed as a Clairvoyant and healing medium. If you even just mailed them a letter with your symptoms they would be able to send you the exact medicine you needed. Very interesting history associated with this bottle.
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    Cool bottle.

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    The interesting thing there is that I would peg that bottle, with that lip, as British. of course, everyone re-used bottles in those days, or they may have ordered from a British glasshouse.

    Jim G

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    I'd lean toward re-use.


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