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Thread: Old bottle part

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    Old bottle part

    Just found this forum and trying to find a rubber replacement stopper for this old pump bottle. Hope this is the right place to do this. Not even sure what kind of bottle it is, possibly a soda/seltzer bottle? Anyway, Bought it on eBay to use in my kitchen for dish soap. Found it again after many years.

    Realized the rubber stopper that fits in the neck of the bottle was split and thatís why I stopped using it to begin with. Itís black rubber and is about an inch long, flared at the top to 7/8Ē with an opening of 9/16Ē. It has a pump mechanism with a metal tube/spout that is one complete separate piece and fits down along with the neck of the pump mechanism into the stopper going down into the liquid/main part of the bottle. You pump the mechanism which somehow creates a vacuum for the liquid to come up the metal tube/spout.

    If I can figure out how to attach a pic to this post maybe someone can help me find a resource for replacement stopper. Does anyone know if I can attach a picture in this forum?

    Any suggestions either way would be much appreciated!

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    in the quick reply hover over the tree in a box, insert image, browse and find the image, then just below the Browse box it says (upload files 's) <<< you have to click that to upload the photo to here. hope this helps.


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