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    Selling My Inheritance

    My Grand Dad left me his soda bottle collection, about 70 bottles or so from the 1920's-1940's, all are embossed clear glass art deco, no ACL. The first couple listings will be going live on Ebay in a few hours. Also some brown glass medicine bottles. Free shipping to US. I don't have time to research every bottle so I am putting them all as 7 day auctions and hoping the market will bear fair pricing. Thanks for looking. I have been learning more about soda bottles than I ever thought I would, If I'm way off on anything I am open to feedback! Free domestic shipping.

    My seller name is: scsundevil
    First 4 auctions go live at 3:00pm MST today, Sunday July 8th, 2018. Sorry, no link to provide just yet.

    If you're looking for something specific please message me, I'll be happy to look through the boxes to see if it's something I have. All but one of the bottles are American Soda Bottles. The one foreign bottle is "The Lions" from the 1930's embossed Vancouver, BC.

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    Hello do you have any from Columbia KY? Thanks


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