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    Muskoka Lakes swim find JD Brown bottle

    checked a location near a hotel the other day and found an old bottle hidden in the sand when I was swimming around the docks . you could just see the outline of a bluish coloured bottle and I assumed it must be something old as everytime before when I see that colour in the sand its a really old bottle

    although at this specific location I haven't really found many truly old bottles , mostly modern beer bottles and some soda's from the 50's-60's , so it was somewhat of a surprise to actually find a good one

    as JD Brown or Brown's beverages ( Gravenhurst ) were the dominate bottler for this area , its pretty common to find there bottles here . although this is only the second time I have found this specific bottle intact . last time I found one was 4 years ago when I found one hidden in the sand in similar conditions in another park on a different lake

    I'd assume this bottle was used in the 1900's-1910's era , although not really sure when they stopped using it , its actually not for pop but Spring Water is embossed on the back . it was one of there main products here well before bottled water was popular

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    Nice find..


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