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    Grandmothers Coca Cola Bottle Value?

    Make a long story short my grandmother was having a garage sale, and she had these coke bottles in them for $1 each. I told her I would look up the value for her just to make sure she wasn't throwing away something valuable. However I am not having any luck finding the value of these. I am hoping some of you on here can help me out, and it would be greatly appreciated.

    If I am posting this in the wrong area I am sorry and would appreciate a redirect if necessary. I apologize for all of the photos. So there is no confusion they label as bottle 1-0, bottle 1-1 (is bottle 1), bottle 2-0, 2-2 (bottle 2). The first number is the bottle number. So bottles 1 to 4 I think are from 1967-68, but bottle 5 I have no clue. Just realized the img name won't show up unless saved. However, I believe all of the photos are in the correct order.

    Thank you very much.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails bottle1-0.jpg   bottle1-1.jpg   bottle1-3.jpg   bottle2-0.jpg   bottle2-1.jpg  

    bottle2-3.jpg   bottle3-0.jpg   bottle3-1.jpg   bottle3-3.jpg   bottle4-0.jpg  

    bottle4-1.jpg   bottle4-2.jpg   bottle5-0.jpg   bottle5-1.jpg   bottle5-3.jpg  

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    I think that your dates are correct. The final bottle is made by Liberty Glass Co. They used the LG mark from 1955 till 1977 or so.
    I'm afraid that they are too new to have monetary value beyond a Washington.
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    $1.00 Each sounds about right for these type of Coke bottle. LEON.

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    I appreciate the responses. Thank you very much.


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