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    Clear 7up Soda Bottle

    Found this bottle in the woods in our backyard. Searched everywhere for it, and can only find green 7up bottles..

    Its a clear 6 1/2 ounce bottle, with “7up bottling co. Charleroi, PA” & “Registered contents 6 1/2 FL OZ” It also has just a “P” on the bottom.

    That’s basically all I know. I looked up the 7up bottling co. In Charleroi, PA to find that it was open for like 15 years or so, from 1947. All the bottles I have found in my search are green & look nothing like this one. Just trying to get more information on it.. Thanks!!
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    Looks like a local flavor bottle. Grape/orange etc.
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    like other local bottlers who bottled name brans , many had there own soda that they bottled under that company .

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