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    Any info appreciated!

    Any info on my bottle will be appreciated!
    It was found in CT.
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    Don't you wish ole JH spent just a little more money to get a slug plate made with his whole name on it?

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    Did you dig it? If so, whatever town you dug it in could have a person with those initials as a whiskey dealer which you could try to trace.

    Sadly, it could be impossible to trace an exact name from those two initials becuase it could have traveled from any town in the U.S.

    Still a nice amber whiskey flask though!

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    Thank you both! Didn't know it was a whiskey bottle and had been thinking that the "J.H." might represent a company.
    My husband found it a few years ago on a construction dig site in downtown Milford.

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    The Milford directory for 1909 shows a Joseph Hodgson with a saloon and as a dealer for Choice Ales, Wines Liquors and Cigars, Bottles Ale & Lager for Family Use, 5 Railroad Avenue, Milford, Conn. Could be him...hard to say. Lots of JH's and of course it may not actually be from Milford.

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    Wow! Awesome piece of info! Thank you!

    5 Railroad Ave must have been razed when they put in the RR parking lot, as it's no longer a viable address. It was, however, .2 miles from the site this bottle was found, which was the business area intersection @ Railroad & River Ave. I sent an e-mail to the historical society to see where his saloon might have been.
    Does "family use" account for this bottle with initials, which would render it not available for sale?
    I wasn't sure if this was < or > 1900....can you say?
    Also, aside from historical value, does it have any monetary value?

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    If it had a city & state embossed on bottle it would be more valuable. I don't think it would have to much Value with just the JH embossed on it. That will make it hard to prove where it came from or what it stands for. LEON.

    P.S. Top makes it look pre 1900 to me? but maybe not?


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