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    Identification and Cleaning Help

    Hi, I'm new to this site, and was wanting help to identify this glass bottle I have, as well as tips on how to clean it. Thanks


    I've done a bit of research on the bottle, and this is what I've gathered:
    1. It is most likely a medicine bottle of some kind(?)
    2. It was manufactured by the Owens-Illinois glass company sometime between 1940 and 1960. I am sure it is 60-80 years old because on one side of the bottle at the base it has II OZ. embossed on it, and I know that using Roman Numerals is a rather outdated practice.

    Physical Description:

    The bottle is small, clear glass. Mostly rectangular in shape however the top smooths out in an arc. There is a screw-top thread at the top of the neck, with a wide lip underneath. The edges of the glass are somewhat beveled, esp. at the bottom. It's dimensions are 1.5 in x 1 in x 4 in (l,w,h). On either side of the bottle is a seam, as well as around the base, directly above the bevel. On the bottom it says DIS PAT 85925, with some other indistinguishable markings, as well as the Owens-Illinois logo. Pictures are included.


    I found this bottle in the surf at the Oregon coast a little over a year ago. When I found it, it was full of sand and other misc. sea stuff, and the outside was covered in barnacles. The barnacles have been cleaned off (although there is still some white residue on the lip of the bottle where some were), and the inside and outside has been cleaned to the best of my ability. My problem, however, is that on the inside of the bottle there is a thin, translucent white residue that I believe is because of the salt water from the ocean. I have Googled a couple different methods of cleaning (dilute vinegar soak, lemon juice soak), but nothing has succeeded in removing it, although the vinegar did seem to remove a decent portion of it. Any help would be appreciated, as I really want to clean up the bottle without ruining it. Thanks.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    A search of the patent number should yield some results. I recently found a similar size green bottle with a DESPAT number and I found the original patent papers. Mine was a nasal mist so this could be the same type of thing. It also looks like it could have used a dropper of some sort.

    As far as cleaning it, the only thing that will get. It completely clear is tumbling. There’s plenty of info on that here but seeing as that it was literally in the sea for a number of years perhaps it looks pretty good!

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