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    170 Photos of 2018 FOHBC Bottle Collectors Convention August 2nd-5th Cleveland
    Hello Carlton Hendricks here...Please know I have posted 170 Photos of the FOHBC 2018 National Bottle Collectors Convention August 2nd-5th in Cleveland, on my site....see link above... This is a sub-feature of my coverage of the National Sports Collectors Convention. The two conventions were held the same week in Cleveland. Enjoy
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    Outstanding! You wouldn't be able to get me out of that place!

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    Thanks Screwtop...glad you enjoy it...what was your favorite bottle you saw?...copy and post it on here...

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    Ouch. Hope that birds eye view was before it was open to the public. Looked like you could roll a bowling ball down the isles and not hit anyone. That scares me.

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    know what ya mean...

    American Pontil...very observant...that was early entry day...early entry at the Reno FOHBC National in 2012 was a huge I just don't get it...Early entry at most antiques venues are usually the busiest time for that's when most of the serious collectors show up...I hate saying all that...but I'm just reporting what I experienced...

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    Thanks Carlton, for taking the time to take all those pictures and for sharing them with us.


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