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    Hi and Help ID and date this bottle.

    Hi all, thank you for the add to the forum. I am looking forward to sharing and contributing.

    I need some help with this one. It seems unusual to me because of the valve mark but lacks any seams on the side and at the same time has an applied top. It is a 2 piece molded bottle with an applied top but has a valve mark on the bottom. The bottle was found at a late 1800's location. I am confused.

    Characteristics include:
    -10 inches tall and 3 inches in diameter
    -Black Glass - Olive Green
    -No seams on the side
    -Shoulder mold seam or discontinuity
    -Bubbles and elongate bubbles in the neck
    -concentric marks around the exterior suggesting turning
    -possible seam on the base
    -thick base relative to the rest of the bottle
    -top is crude - Looks to be an applied taper lip - with a drippy edge
    -bubbles in the neck suggest hand blown and rotated.
    -a well developed base with concentric circles suggesting suction or a valve mark.
    -not perfectly cylindrical. Misshaped on the side at the bottom.



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    That is not a valve mark on the bottom...just an imprint from the mold. It is a spun mold/applied lip liquor bottle of some kind, likely European and dating to 1890-1910.

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    Thank you, thank you , thank you!!! That is exactly what I wanted to hear and I needed verification. So, it is likely a dipped/turn molded bottle.


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