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    Circa 1875 Green Glass Liquor Bottle


    Purchased yesterday as part of an auction with MANY bottles. Had a sticker on it that is worn and very hard to read. It says:

    Shipwreck Antique Bottle
    Circa 1875 Green Glass liquor Bottle
    Hearth Blown Corn Mold Applied ???
    ????? from ???? water in Southern Caribbean

    It is 12" tall and 3" across. It has several manufacturing pits and blemishes.

    Any information about the bottle or estimated price would be helpful.

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    looks like a common whisky to me 2.00 to 3.00 dollars .

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    Being a slick with no name I'd guess anywhere from $1-$5. I've dug so many of these type of bottles I throw them back in the hole nowadays usually. LEON.


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