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    Found a Boise Idaho double script cokes, need help to identify

    I recently found a double script straight sided coke from Boise Idaho at an antique store for 23 dollars, I want to know if I got ripped off or if this is a rare or good find? I have only ever found hobble skirt 1940s cokes, I would like to know the age on this one and its rarity/value. Any information is welcome, thank you!

    I also noticed on the base it just has the Coca Cola logo with nothing else. Also at the bottom next to where it says its contents I noticed some very thin, less embossed letters like "101" and "OP", wonder what that is.
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    Because it has a town name on it that's a big plus. A lot of the early straight-sides don't. I'd say you did good at $23. The following pertains to the marks you mentioned ..

    OP (along lower heel of soda bottles, preceded and followed by various numbers) Graham Glass Company, Evansville, Indiana, this code used at their Okmulgee, Oklahoma glass plant. (See Graham)

    • Graham Glass Company, Evansville, Indiana; Loogootee, Indiana; and Okmulgee, Oklahoma (1907-1929). Another plant location also was operated at Chekotah, Oklahoma until 1923. Graham owned by Owens Bottle Company after 1916, plants became part of Owens Illinois in 1929.

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    Thank you!

    I appreciate the information.


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