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    Some lovely bottles I love diving for bottles and did find some lovely ones in Indiana when I lived there. Now I am Director of a field Station in Albion California and there are tons of bottles in the area if you can find them. I will have to make a post soon.
    Enjoy the Snappers I really miss turtles now that I am back in California where there is only one native turtle.

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    "Can't wait to get back in & resume the quest! Ah well, there are worse things to be addicted too!"

    Nice finds Dan. I like the ink, is it embossed Carter's on the shoulder?
    As far as the addiction, researching dive sites, hunting and finding bottles and unexpected treasures is as good as it gets.

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    Those are all nice. I like the ink.

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    Hey C-WD! How's this for a prompt reply to your inquiry! Sorry bout that. No, there's no embossing of "Carter" on the shoulder. A knowledgeable ink collector told me that the finished top of this Dalley's Ink is rare, as they typically have a burst-style top. It's my 1st Dalley's Ink & I'm happy to have it in my collection. How goes things for you?

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    Hi Willong!

    Sorry for the massive delay in answering your question! I use a glass cutter I bought on Amazon - it scores the bottle, I then heat the score-line with a candle ( heating time is critical for old glass ), then immediately dunk the bottle into ice water. With luck, the broken top falls away at the score line, leaving a nice flat edge, ready for finishing. I'm now looking for old, broken bottles to re-purpose, along with those wonderful complete finds!


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