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    Sunken Treasure?

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ID:	186425My son who is a commercial diver recently dove a shipwreck on British Columbia's West Coast. The steamship SS Ohio went down in 1909 with four lives lost. He located this sealed bottle which he then gave to me for Xmas. The cork is in the name of Read Brothers London, England.

    My limited research indicates Read Brothers bottled Guinness around 1900 under the Dog's Head label. They also bottled Bass sparking champagne cider as well.

    Does anyone know which product might be in this bottle? It is not dark like stout. I am a huge Guinness fan and travel to Dublin every year and would be tickled to know I have a 120 year old bottle of Guinness on my shelf.

    The bottle is currently stored on its side to prevent the cork from drying out. Thanks for all your input.

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    I have no idea but just wanted to say that I think its awesome to have something like that. Any chance that you could research the cork and figure out what corks were used in what product? I have no clue if thats even a thing but if there are no markings anywhere on the bottle and the cork is all you have to go by - maybe you'd be able to figure it out.

    Hopefully someone has more information for you.

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    It's really hard to tell just by looking at the bottle. That said, based on how commonly labeled "Bass & Co. Pale Ale" bottles showed up in BC, that's probably as safe a bet as any. The stuff must have been really popular. And here's a bottle just like yours with one of their labels

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    Thanks for the information! As much as I was hoping the contents might have been Guinness, I must concede they may by in fact pale ale after looking at the link you sent me. Much appreciated.


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