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    G.T. Fogle Laundanum Poison Bottle

    Bought this bottle today from an antique store. I've attached a picture below. Wondering if anyone can shed some light on it or if anyone has something similar in terms of bottle design for laudanum poison?

    It was sold as an American bottle & was labelled as Victorian Era. Been trying to research it and I've found some notes on a Garret .T Fogle on ancestory/genealogy pages who appears to have been a druggist/chemist in Alliance, Ohio most like between 1850s to late 1890s. I guess I'm partly wondering if its legit or if the bottle has had a sticker placed on it at a later date. Was talking with the dealer about how the wire seemed unusual. And if there's anymore formal archives lurking about the web on G.T Fogle druggist.


    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hmm... this one looks pretty suspicious. I can't say for certain but I think it's a modern fantasy piece. Can you post some pictures of the base and lip, and a close-up of the label and the wire? It could be an antique label attached in the 21st century to an antique bottle, but even that label looks suspect to me. Normally I'd assume that a bottle in that shape was modern as well but it does look fairly old from what I can see in the picture. It does not look like a druggist bottle though. Generally you should be very skeptical of old druggist labels stuck to anything other than a druggist bottle. A lot of people buy up old unused labels and stick them to all sorts of things, or just print labels that they find pictures of on the internet. Sometimes they're real - I've got a genuine example of a Coke bottle with a druggist label on it - but the labels in those cases will usually be yellowed and fragile, not solidly stuck on like yours is.

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    Yeah that's what I was thinking luckily it only cost me a couple of pounds and I bought it more so cause I quite like its shape and the wiring although the top is a bit lopsided haha - I was skeptical about the label and shape for a pharmaceutical or druggist bottle. And given its made it from America to England with a label with full edges etc. started making me ask a few more questions as well as print quality. Probably wouldn't have took it if it wasn't part of a deal but I liked it nonetheless It appears it is likely a handmade bottle and doesn't seem to have any seams on edges or the likes I'll get more pictures of the base and sides tomorrow and upload them Thanks for your reply!

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    Although the top looks tooled, both the shape and color say modern to me. Don't know what to make of the wire, but if it has been on there for a long time, whether it's copper or iron, I would expect to see some kind of staining on the label. Not saying it's not there, I'm just not able to see it from the picture. Hell, it may be silver wire from the looks of it, which would make even less sense. A good 30x glass on that printing should tell you what you need to know on the age of the label itself, but this whole combo just doesn't look right to me. Glad you didn't spend a bunch, but you like it which is the important thing.

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