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    information request on bottle found in the 1970's

    I recently acquired a bottle from my of bottle digging buddy that is having more than his share of health issues. I remember the night we found this bottle like it was yesterday. I came from a construction site in Tallahassee Florida that we had the owner's permission to dig an keep any bottles we found.

    One reason I remember the night so well was it was one of the oldest filled in wells that we ever found in Tallahassee.
    ever bottle from the top of the well to the bottom was pontiled. Unfortunately the majority of the bottles we found were damaged. maybe 15 or 20 were in very good shape including the subject of my question.

    The bottle is a cylinder about 2 3/4' in diameter, around 13" tall and is made of extremely dark green/black glass. The base is fluted and has an open pontil. Around the edge of the bottom is a flat area that is embossed N - York M & G Mill (partial word and not clearly visible).

    I was wondering if someone could tell me something about this bottle. I figure it is from the 1840's or thereabout. Other bottles found were unembossed aqua puffs, smallish black glass utility type bottles and heavy duty black glass cylinders. Thanks for your help

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    Can you post a photo? Sounds very cool!


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