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    Early non-ACL Graf's Sodas

    I recently bought this lot, mainly to get the Graf Zep, but the others are nice. Can anyone date the years they were in service? Are any besides the zeppelin widely collected?
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    Nice group of bottles. I especially like the zep and the mug base one.

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    Hey New2. Congrats on your purchase. The botlles you bought are all collectable but the Zep is the best one. They are all dated to the 1920s and 30s. Graf did brew beer prior to prohibition (1919) but none of these are beers. He was very good at marketing and used many different bottle forms. His name first appears on bottles in the 1880s. There are earlier sodas, clays, seltzers, quarts, mineral waters. Lots of cool bottles out there. One of yours includes his famous 'best what gives' slogan crudely translated from German to English. I think that the one that says soft drinks is the hardest to find but it is not super valuable. Also, the one on the right has 1920s patent info on the bottom. Congrats again!

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    I love the design on that Graf Zep! I don't normally collect American bottles but that's one I'd certainly make an exception for if I came across it.


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