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    Quote Originally Posted by KSESTATE View Post
    Hello you guys are missing the boat. If the only reason you got them is for a quick buck. Well 30-50 for the whole lot. BUT some of the value as most know is in following the trail. What was in the bottles? Where are they from? and a history if possible. Items do not have to have much value to be collectible to the owner. Go with what you like and do it with gusto. And the Duffs malt is about 5-10$ and cleaning of them is a must for top $$$. So dont get discouaged that you dont have a fortune just learn more and expand your horizons. "Thank God for what you got not for what you want". A friend gave you a nice box of history.
    Enjoy Kevin

    Poster said they are not a bottle collector. I assume he wants to sell & not keep.

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    The sad fact on bottles like this is that for what little you might be able to get out of them, you will spend more than that in time and effort trying to sell them. Just like what nhpharm said about the Duffy's. Then, there's the guy in the most recent issue of AB&GC who bought a nice amber Zanesville eagle/cornucopia for 25 cents, then turned around and knocked it over and shattered it. He could've turned a hefty profit on a beautiful flask had he been a bit more careful. Being around antique bottles and running power equipment have a common thread; always know where your body parts and movements are relative to the bottle(s) or running equipment. The former can be injurious or fatal to the bottle, the latter to the operator. Forgive me for my rambles, everyone.


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