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    Dr D. Jayne's Expecterant

    Hi All !
    It has been a while ! So I bought a small lot of bottles from a yard sale listing yesterday. A clear Dr. Kilmer's swamp root sample , clear 4 3/8" tall, An aqua Dill's balm of life, Norristowm PA. An Aqua 1920'2? Hire's root beer extract with tooled lip. A blank slug plate light aqua med with 3's 48 on the bottom. And a Dr Jayne's Expectorant, Philadelphia in Aqua. Now the Dr, Jayne's is the one I question. Does anyone know of this being a reproduced bottle? There are several reasons I ask this. I know it is a BIM bottle but the seam goes all the way up and over the lip to the opening. The embossing is very crisp and the interior has little staining. there is a square with a D in the center and 86 to the left of the square. Any input would be great. I paid $30 for the 5 bottles. But the good thing is the seller has 8 Mason jars that they are willing to sell me. I will post that in a separate post.

    Thanks everyone !

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    It's unlikely that anyone is going to reproduce a common bottle like D. Jayne's Expectorant. It seems that this expectorant was sold for decades. The early bottles are crude and pontil-scarred. Later bottles (like the one below) were hand-finished, but not pontil-scarred. The latest bottles (like yours) were machine made.

    Click image for larger version. 

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