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    Protecting labels

    This may have been asked before, but how do y'all protect your delicate acrylic labels from fading further. I am making pendants of these pieces but for some, handling quickly destroys what's left of the label. I know of Mod Podge clear for art, but would that be best, especially considering that the pieces will be handled a good deal? Any input appreciated.
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    I think someone with jewelry expertise would be the better one to ask on that one. We don't handle our ACL labels that often, after all. I don't know of anyone who coats their ACLs in anything. Really you may just have to go the old trial and error route, since I doubt there are many jewelers using old dug-up pieces of ACL glass either. The one thing in your favour is that there's a nearly limitless supply of broken ACLs out there in the woods so you shouldn't have much risk of running out if a bunch of the experiments fail.

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    Acrylic floor wax. It is non yellowing.

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