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    Gordon's Gin maybe?

    I found this piece of glass and I can't seem to find out where it came from. I was thinking maybe the bottom of a Gordon's Gin bottle, but it doesn't have the twisted chord underneath the animal head. It also has the year 1841 split by a diamond between the 8 and the 4 and R-514 underneath.

    Any ideas are helpful! Thank you!
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    This was actually a machine-made bottle from 1941, where 18 is the number of a plant of Diamond Glass Co. See, in particular, page 7 of the the following link:

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    Thank you! I'm trying to figure out what the animal head is above it, but now that I know where it came from, I'll start looking there! Thanks again!

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    It really does look like the Gordon's Gin logo, my guess would just be a later variation of it. Looks like a Gordon's base as well.

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    Canadian version . state's version has Camden nj on them .

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    Actually it was Linden NJ


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