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    L. Walliman South Globe Dairy Bottle Information Globe, AZ

    Trying to find any information I can on this half pint milk bottle. it is from the L. Walliman South Globe Dairy, from Globe, Arizona. Bottle Reads as follows "L. Walliman South Globe Dairy Phone 185, Globe ARIZ" Back reads "36 years serving Globe We produce our own milk" Bottom embossed with what I believe is the Owens-Illinois Mark and 22 6. Would like to know date and approx value. Searched Google, eBay etc and found very little information. Measures 5 1/2" tall.
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    There will likely be a two-digit number embossed around the heel, that will be the date. It will probably date somewhere between the 30s and 50s. You'd have to ask a local collector to find out the value, it will all depend on local demand. Since the label is in poor condition, value will unfortunately be quite low unless it's an extremely rare bottle - probably less than five dollars.


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