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    Can anyone help with this bottle?

    Hello everyone, i cant find any info about the seal in the base of this bottle, any idea about the manufacturer? the date of the bottle or the label of the wine?

    Kind regards
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    Not sure about the markings. At first glance, it looks like an oldie, but actually is machine-made and probably pretty modern, made to look old.

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    I'm thinking it's probably British and from the 30s or so. Not made to look old per se, just from the tail end of when they were using that design in the UK years after it was phased out in the US.

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    Thank you guys for your replies. What i know is that it is surely before 1966 because it belonged to my great grand father who died that year. So probably it is from the 30s as CanadianBottles assumed. If only i could find which company made it and from which winery came..

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    No way to know the original brand of the contents I'm afraid, the marking on the bottom refers to the glass company. I imagine it's possible to figure out which glass company it's from but I don't know anything about UK marks personally.

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    Thank you again for your informations!


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