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Thread: Elixir Vial?

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    Elixir Vial?

    At the Grand Rapids bottle show last month, I was given this bottle.
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    What intrigues me about it is the dots which I think were the holes for attaching a plate in the mould. You can kinda see them on the panels in the photo below. All but one panel has them, which makes for an odd plate-mould bottle considering it's size and how tightly that embossing would wrap around it.
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    The base is rough, but unless it's some sort of relative of a sand pontil, I don't think it pontiled at all.
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    The top is applied and thin, flared.
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    Overall, I think it European: maybe from near Russia or the German states (before it became a unified country)?
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    The shape reminds me of some elixir bottles.
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    I'm going to guess that, if European, it dates between the 1870s and early 1900s.
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    But if anyone can tell me anything more about this fascinating little bottle, please do!
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    I don't know what that is. It looks pretty old. I know you already know that, but I'm just typing aloud to myself now. :-)
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    Lucky you. That is one COOL OLD vessel.

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