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    Philadelphia Medicines and druggists

    Going through some bottles I just recently got and pulled out some of the philly medicines I came across. Don't really know anything about them and whether they are rare, common etc. but thought i would share them. My photos suck so I apologize.

    1. Theodore Netter barrel shaped. 1232 market st Phila.

    2. John Wyeth & Bros

    3. Lawson C Funk Druggist Lancaster Ave & 41st St Philada

    4. WA Whittem Pharmacist Chestnut Hill.

    5. Dr D. Jayne's Tonic Vermifugre 242 Che St SE Phila.

    6. Leo L Newcomer Pharmacist 1200 Spurce St Phila.

    7. Drugs of Reburn (Quality) Philadelphia.
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    Yacorie I am only familiar with 2 of the ones you show the John Wyeth & Bros which i found in the attic of my first apartment in Baltimore with the cobalt cap as well fairly common but a nice looking bottle. Also the Dr. Jaynes Vermifuge I dug it unfortunately is the same one I have nice bottle but doesn't bring the money a pontil does. For the rest not sure of rarity but they are all great bottles would be happy to dig any of them . I really like the Barrel bottle very different .

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