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    Post New here! Hello!

    New member from Canada here, specifically Saskatchewan...I've been digging for some years and have came across a ton of great old items including many bottles. I dig every weekend at my spot in the bushes, along the river and discover many awesome & old bottles. I will get to uploading what I have and what I keep finding. I'm interested in learning about history and old bottles hold a lot!

    If anyone else is from Saskatchewan, hit me up! Anyone interested in chatting about old items, hit me up!

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    Hey welcome to the forum! I'd definitely be interested to see what you've found, I don't see many Saskatchewan bottles. Unfortunately I don't think any of us are from Saskatchewan, I think the closest is a member from Winnipeg who was posting few months ago. I'd hit you up if I wasn't 2500 km away!

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    Hey welcome aboard!...always nice to have another fellow Canuck with us!
    Yes you'll have to post some of your finds! I am a prairie dog from way way back. Regina born, my dad (Conrad) was born in Middle lake (1932) grandfather (Conrad) came to Sask around 1911 from the USA when he was 8 years old with his dad also named Conrad!...anyways enough of that!
    We do have another Sask member on here (sask bottle).
    If you get a chance you might want to have a look at my profile and check out my past posts...look for the Chippewa Water Co. post!
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    don't currently have any Sask bottles but I sometimes post pictures of them , if I come across one I find interesting online . I'm always interested in learning about interesting bottles from that region

    definitely keep us posted if you find anything you'd like to share or post interesting items you've already found in past digs

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    Hi there! Saskatchewan is a great place.

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    Saskatchewan.................Dead South...............hell yea.


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