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    Straight sided Coke bottle

    I have an old coka-cola bottle that is the straight sided style. I have researched a bit but can only come up with an approximate dating around 1901 to 1916. Is there any dating marks on these that would give a year? Just above the bottom, there are small letters and numbers that read RG & B CO 258 I. Says Coca-Cola on one side and Canton, Oh on the other, just below the shoulder. I am new here and don't know how to load images from my phone yet Thanks in advance.

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    Could be the earlier Root Glass co before they put ROOT on the bottle in 1909. The 1909+ bottles with ROOT I think are dated but don't think the earlier Root bottles were. LEON.

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    According to my list of glass manufacturer's marks the RG&B CO stands for Rhodes Glass and Bottle Company. They were located in Massillon OH. and were in business from 1901 to about 1919.

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    It sounds like a really nice specimen! I would like to see it, But I am not sure about uploading from phones either.

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