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    Bay city Tex coke bottle

    Hi I found a Coke bottle where I live and I was curious if anybody knew anything about this bottle? Rarity value? I live near bay city Tex but we donít have a coca-Cola production facility. Any info would help! Thank you

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    Not sure how to post a pic

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    I've seen the "Christmas Coke's" from Bay City from time to time...usually sell for $15-20. Does yours have a December 25th 1923 patent date?

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    The patent number is D-105529 ? The bottom says bay city Tex.I went on eBay and could not find any Bay City Texas but I found Bay City Michigan bottles.

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    I grew up in Palacios, Matagorda bay seems a long ways away now. Haven't been back since my 35 year HS reunion 13 years ago.


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