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    Help finding adorable peach pin-up girl bottle...

    Hi there.
    I am brand new here as I stumbled upon this site after hours of searching for something. Long story short, I work at an antiques mall and someone today purchased a flower arrangement in a glass bottle. The bottle had a pin-up illustration of a cute lady on a beach, with two peaches over her chest like a bikini. It said something about peachy/peach/peaches on the bottle, and it may have been an alcohol or soda. The lady told me she would be covering the illustration as it was inappropriate for the setting or something. That broke my heart!! I can't find this bottle anywhere. I didn't even think to ask for a photo either. If anyone knows what drink the bottle was from or even a hint as to wear to look please let me know, I'm dying to get my hands on at least a photo.

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    Hi Sarah, I've been trying to figure out what it could be but haven't had any luck so far. There was a brand of soda called It's Peachy but I can't find any pictures of their bottles and am not sure they even had a marked bottle. For your bottle, do you remember what sort of label it had? Was it painted on (what we call an ACL bottle) or did it have a paper or plastic label? What colour was the glass? Did it look like a newer or older bottle?
    If the glass was brown it's almost certainly a modern microbrewery bottle. There are a lot of microbrew beer bottles with pinup girls on them but I haven't been able to find yours. There are also a lot of wine bottles with them as well but from your description I assume it's too small for that. If it actually is an old soda bottle from the 50s it's unfortunately probably very rare and valuable. There was a thread on here years ago about pinup soda bottles and yours isn't listed as far as I can tell: But from your description I suspect it's more modern, it just sounds a little bit too risqué for a 50s or 60s bottle.


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