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    Today's find

    Hey Y'all, my redneck girl friend found this coca-cola bottle in the woods about a 1/4 mile from my house in a creek bed. Biedenharn moved to Monroe, La. in 1913 and they came up with the hobbleskirt in 1915. He would have been using that by as soon as possible being a bottle manufacturer. So I reckon this one's from 1913 - 1916. Pretty cute, and the first one I have straight sided in this color. Ya-hoo!!! What do y'all think about it?
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    Wow, that is a pretty rare one. I think that bottle is a keeper and so is your girlfriend if she is finding bottles like that! A shame about the chip on the bottom but still nice.

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    Even with the chip that's still a really nice one! Still displays well too. I've always wanted to find a straight-sided Coke.

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    nice find!!!


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