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    New to this, Help to date and value this old bottle?

    I have a Kia Ora good health New Zealand company bottle green glass with vertical seams in each side, cork lid embossed with indigenous person on top, 11.4 inch height by 3 inch diameter does anybody have any ideas?
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    Welcome to the forum! I don't think anyone here is familiar with New Zealand bottles so it'll be tough to give it a solid date. My guess is that it dates to the 1920s or 30s, but it could be a bit earlier or later. The manufacturing techniques changed from country to country so you really need to be familiar with a country's bottles to be able to date them accurately.
    As for value, probably not much unfortunately because the bottle itself is unembossed and of little interest to collectors. The cap may have some collecting appeal but caps like that are generally not particularly valuable.

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    Wiki link to Kia Ora. Didn't exist before 1903. Did sell in UK until 1917. Still made.

    I can find some images for ads for the stuff from the 1930s. The bottle in those ads was corked but doesn't look at all like the whiskey form bottle you have in your picture. Either yours is a very early bottle or the cork and bottle don't match I'd say. The Kia ora bottles all have sort of a fluted shoulder and all appear in the ads to be clear. Caveat, I'm NO expert in UK or colony bottles.

    Jim G

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    Mine is kia ora brand owned by coco cola in Australia it predates British kia ora


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