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    Gass Insulator with Iron Cap


    I found this insulator at an Estate sale and it has an iron cap on it. It looks like it was manufactured this way, but I'm not sure. It look like an emerald green CD 102 "star." The iron part is very rusted so it must have been the a long time. Has anyone seen anything like this? What was it used for? Thanks Greg
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    Telegrapher's chair leg insulator? Never seen one with an iron cap, but maybe it was to protect the glass from both breakage and wear as the chair was slid back and forth, because I've seen them with a big flat spot from sliding around. I'm just guessing here. Maybe somebody else will actually know what it is!

    Have you tried Crown Jewels of the Wire?

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    Thanks sandchip

    My guess is it's not a chair leg insulator, as it has no wear on it, plus metal on wood would not allow the chair to move easily. It also has notches on each side. It must have had some other kind of use.

    Here some more pics.
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    I've never seen anything like that before. A handful of metal clamp devices and such have been used on larger power pieces, but it wouldn't make sense for a small pony that's made for telephone lines.

    My best guess is it's a custom fabrication for a special installation of some sort. I know, that's a vague description. You might try posting a photo in the questions section of the Picture Poster at

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    In my 40 years of collecting and dealing with insulators, I have never seen anything like that before on a glass piece. I have seen metal crowns on porcelain insulators, but never glass.


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