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    Question Portland Oregon Peebler Quart Advertising Stoneware Jug

    New to this site so please go easy on me if I manage to botch my first post...
    I recently spent a month in Oregon and as a Colorado bottle/jug collector, I couldnít help but visit the antique malls in the beautiful northwest to see what might tickle my fancy.
    In my exploration, I picked up an unusual (by Colorado standards anyway) little quart-sized advertising jug. The blue lettering on it says PEEBLER GROCERY CO. FANCY GROCERIES PORTLAND - OREGON and it is in very nice shape. Iíll attempt to attach a photo...
    Iím just curious if anyone has one of these in their collection or has information about this particular item. In advance, thank you!
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    no info but nice

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    That's a nice one! In my experience these sorts of stoneware jugs are often tough to find info on. They generally seem to be pretty uncommon.


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