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    Snuff Bottle

    Two of these were in a crate of mixed bottles that I recently picked up. I don't really feel that they are that old, and very possibly very modern. I'm just curious as to what information someone may have to share about them. Thanks.

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    It has a 1960s or 70s look to me. That sticker saying that excise stamps are no longer required should narrow it down but I don't personally know anything about American excise stamps. It's definitely not a very old snuff bottle, and they were using this design of label and bottle very recently (and might be using it still, I'm not sure).

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    I don't recall ever seeing a glass snuff bottle, especially one with a cork top. That's what has me puzzled a bit.

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    This person suggests that it was still possible, although difficult, to buy it in these same glass bottles as recently as 2012.

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    Thanks. I suspected that the bottles were fairly new, but didn't think they were this new. Live & learn. Don't think I'll be trying to track any down to purchase though. A bag of Levi chew will more than suffice. ;~)


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