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    Some bottles are better off being recycled. In 100 years there will still be hundreds of thousands of those bottle types in our environment. The ones with tooled tips might be worth holding onto. The other ones, no. We will be lucky if future generations are even into bottles at all.

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    Hey Screwtop, would you like a few bottles from before 1890? I have a ton of them and they have a little provenance. They are from an Indian Wars era fort in the panhandle of Texas. This fort was in operation from 1875 to 1890. It's the same fort I dug all those U.S.A. Hosp. dept. bottles. Fort Elliott. They are all slicks. Medicine, inks, beer and whiskey If you are interested in a few, send me your address and they are yours.
    Sincerely, Kelley

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    They are also very hard to sell as well. I've tried at yard sales and such for $1 each. Finally lowered to 50 cents each. No sales!
    Recycle bin.

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