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Thread: Kist Bottle

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    Kist Bottle

    Ive got this Kist textured glass bottle, dont know much about old bottles was just wondering about this one, cant find anything on this particular bottle, year it was made/rarity.
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    likely used in the 1950's or 60's , not from before 1900's

    most Kist bottles are pretty common , although not familiar with this specific one , also marked as being from an odd city Tillamook Oregon and unsure if that makes it unusual or not

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    your bottle was made between 1920 to early some were around 1939 they were pyro glazed tell the 1950s.

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    Nice clean bottle. Made by the Owens Illinois Glass Co. at the Oakland Calif plant. I know that by the number 20 left of the diamond / oval / eye logo. I cant quite make out the number to the right, looks like a zero and if it is the bottle was made in 1940. The number 4 above the mark is a mold number.

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    Oops I didn't mean to post this thread on the before 1900, my bad. Thanks for the information guys.

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    As 'bottle-bud" wrote, that Kist bottle was made by Owens-Illinois Glass Company. The "Diamond/oval/I" mark is seen on billions of glass containers made by O-I from 1929 to the mid to late 1950s. Even a few bottles from the early 1960s carry this mark even though it was "officially" changed in 1954 to just an "I inside an O".

    Owens-Illinois has had over 40 different glass factory locations over the years. (They are still in business as Owens-Illinois Inc, or "O-I"........lots of modern glass bottles and jars on grocery store and liquor store shelves have the "O-I" mark on the bottom or heel).

    Anyway, the "20" in this case does stand for Oakland, California. The Oakland plant was started around 1936. The "O" is a year date code and could stand for either 1940 or 1950 (not sure which, but I suspect 1950 is more likely).

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    That is a nice looking bottle. I like the texture that filters the light. I don't have any more useful info to add, as others have already done a good job with that.

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    I'd guess 40s-50s. At least.

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