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    Any Teem-members?

    I try to stick to actual Pepsi bottles in my collecting, and don't venture a lot into the other flavors that Pepsi-Cola owned. However I saw this bottle and knew enough about Teem and their NRND to pick it up. Some members of the Pepsi club on Facebook seem to think it's pretty rare. I can't find another picture of one or even another logo that looks like this one. Any body out there scene one?

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    Don't know about rarity, but those twist type caps were big around 1970-75 in my area anyway.
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    I've never seen a paper label NDNR quart for Teem before, I know here in Canada we had the 10oz that was it stands to reason that there was a quart in Paper.
    I know Coke's Fresca product came in a quart with a paper label and a twist off cap for 1970.
    Great find btw!...always nice to see a survivor!
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    Jay I collect Teem and have quite a few but have never seen that one before. Great score! I would agree 1970's.


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