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    Three bottles and a decanter mystery

    I have four bottle that I cannot figure out what they are how old and what they might have held:
    All are clear glass
    1-3 have tall necks with screw lid tops
    #4 is a decanter

    1. Markings are:
    Made in USA
    PAT DNOD 94574 with a symbol after it that I believe is from Anchor Hocking
    Trying to figure out how old and what it held

    2. Markings are:
    Full Quart
    Federal Law Forbids Sale and Resale of this bottle

    3. Markings are:
    symbol that looks like an oval with a triangle above and below it and a diamond in the middle

    4. This one is a decanter that has a glass top with a cork bottom stopper. Bottom of the dencater says:
    8 69
    CIN BD2 75

    THANK YOU so much! I am making my son a bar out of an old radio/phonograph and wanted to put some cool bottles in it...

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    any photos?


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