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    Staten Island Brewery

    Behind the former site of the George Bechtel Brewery, there were ruins of houses and out buildings dating back to the mid 1800's to the early 1900's. I was checking out the area ,when I found a collapsed greenhouse buried under a pile of ivy. Mixed in with the rotting wood and panes of broken glass there were many, many clay flower pots broken and whole, of varying sizes . There was also a number of broken and whole Bechtel Beer bottles . I recovered about 6 intact along with 3 Delluc's "eau Angelique " Tooth Wash bottles. Why are the Mouth Wash and beer bottles together? With a little imagination ,I can see some guy ,after a hard day, going to tend to his plants , knocking down a few beers, followed up with a brief Tooth Wash rinse ,before heading home to the wife. Funny thing is the Tooth Wash most likely had a higher alcohol content then the beer.
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    That's a Cool looking Bottle. Probably dating from 1894-1907. Congrats. LEON.


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