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    Canadian bottles, yes that is the right thread. It is

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    I recently acquired the bottle at construction site I was working at. It was dug up at one site,hauled to another shoved in a pile and later uncovered by me. Most of the downtown area has been built on an old landfill,so the bottles in this pile were plentiful....

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    I sent a message to Sodapopbob about this thread, hopefully he sees it. I hope you can get some expert opinion on this bottle, but if it's a unique example it could be pretty hard to get any concrete information. I saw that your original comment asked about value, and while it's impossible to say how much a unique bottle would sell for, if it really is a unique prototype I think it's pretty safe to say that we're talking somewhere in the five-figure range. Since there have apparently been two other broken examples dug already I wouldn't rush to saying that it's definitely a prototype, since to my knowledge no broken examples of other prototypes have ever been dug, but regardless this is going to be a very valuable find. So keep it safe!


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